How we grade cards at Dave's Vintage Baseball Cards

At Dave's Vintage Baseball Cards our goal is to grade cards conservatively so that when you receive them they are better than what you were expecting.

For the most part, we use grading standards that are similar to what you will find described in PSA or Beckett grading criteria.

Myself, Dave, and Fred and Art grade the cards here at Dave's Vintage Baseball Cards and we all have over 25 years individually in the hobby.  I personally remember 
doing shows when the guys from PSA first were coming around to introduce their service.

On top of the technical requirements of a grade, we will take the overall eye appeal of a card into consideration.  Aside from normal wear, there are many factors that 
go into evaluating the grade of the card: The clarity of the image, wax residue, tilted cut and or centering, rough cut edges, the strength of the print, and more.

We take all of these factors into consideration.  Having said all of that, when you are sitting down and grading hundreds of cards at one time, or more, it is possible to 
miss something. So, at Dave's we have a 10 day money back guarantee, regardless of the reason, if you are not happy with any card you buy from us, you can return it for 
a full refund or exchange it for another card.  No questions asked.

Most of our customers are return customers who are familiar with our grading standards and it is extremely rare that any cards ever come back on account of grading.

Here's An Overview of Our Grading Standards:

We list eight catagories of grades on our site with "NrMint Btr" being the highest grade.

Near Mint/btr (8 or better)
Cards in this catagory will be nrmt/mint or mint and will show no wear on the corners to the naked eye, centering will usually be no less than 60/40 and the card
will look very sharp.

Near Mint (7)
A card graded Near Mint may have slight surface wear or fraying on some corners. Centering on the front should be 70/30 or better, and no worse than 90/10 on the reverse.
Of course there would be no noticable flaws on a Near Mint card.

Excellent/Mint (6)
On our site, ExMt cards are normally georgeous cards that for one reason or another, we just did not feel were quite good enough for the Near Mint Grade.  Still they will 
be nicely centered and may show some wear on 2-3 corners.  If the card is exceptional in the condition of the cardboard, it may be a bit more off center, if it is centered 
perfectly and has a great image, it may show slightly more wear on the corners.  There will be no major flaws like dings, creases wax etc on an ExMt card.

Excellent (5)
Excellent cards can have minor wear on all four corners and surface wear or minor print flaws. Still, no major defects such as creases, writing, or tears etc, centering 
can be 80/20 or better on Excellent condition cards.

Very Good/Excellent (4)
VGX cards can have light scuffing or even minor creases, usually hair line creases would be the worse you will find on a card we call VGEX.  Centering may be a little 
more off on a card that is other wise near mint, if it is centered 90/10 or less, we would call it VGEX.

Very Good (3)
Very Good cards are lower grade cards that can have slight rounding of the corners and creasing to the card or a combination of more than one significant flaw.

Cards in this catagory, May display some rounding of the corners, though not extreme, and or surface wear will be apparent, along with possible light scuffing or light 
scratches. Focus may be somewhat off-register and edges may exhibit noticeable wear. It is possible that there could be minor staining on a Very Good card as well as 
was residue.  Cards will not be miscut, but may be significantly off center.

Good (2)
Cards with this grade will show major wear and can have significant flaws, rounded corners, writing, minor tears, print missing on the back, miscut and or other 
major flaws.

Fair / Poor (1.5 - 1)
Fair/Pr, our lowest grade, will be cards that display major wear, they can be missing pieces or have multiple serious creases, all corners may be quite rounded or they 
may have serious back damage from being removed from albums or major writing on them.  In some cases they may be altered or trimmed, but in all cases, these cards are 
still authentic cards.

    10 Day Moneyback guarantee on all card sales.

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